Sunday, August 19, 2012

Donations & Celebrations

MacDonald & Wass

After the last hand is played and Bob Wass (Wayside, NJ) wins the 4th Put a Bad Beat on Hunger charity poker tournament, there are lots of hugs, handshakes and gratitude.

Roberta MacDonald, Cabot Senior Vice President of Marketing presents Wass his $3,500 voucher to play in the WPT Borgata Poker Open Championship event in September.

"This was another great tournament," says MacDonald, who is proud that she made it to the final three tables.  "We're glad to find a way to engage poker players with the Foodbank. And that we connect people who put a lot of money on the table with those who are very hungry."

The second presentation is a check for $5,760 to the Community FoodBank of New Jersey, the beneficiary of the tournament.

"This tournament helps us feed the hungry, it truly does," says Margie Barham, Executive Director of the Southern Branch of the Community FoodBank of New Jersey.  She adds that for every $1 donated can be worth up to $10 worth of food for those who need it.

"In addition to the money we raised, you get exposure and you never know where that can lead. More awareness, donations, volunteers, it all matters."

The FoodBank thanks Cabot, Borgata and all the players who participated in this year's tournament.

 MacDonald, Barham & Wass

Final Results

1 Bob Wass (Wayside, NJ) $6,518
2 Nuno Barradas (Faro, Portugal) $3,539
3 Adir Davidov (Queens, NY)$2,235
4 Payman Azizoghli (Summit, NJ) $1,676
5 Lyle Diamond (Brick, NJ) $1,304
6 Allen Mock (Manheim, PA) $1,117
7 Michael Zaccardi (West Long Branch, NJ) $931
8 Dan Rovner (Freehold, NJ) $745
9 Kevin Meals (Bridgeway, PA) $559

Champion - Wass

Bob Wass (Wayside, NJ) 

Wass wins the tournament with Q 7♣ when he flops two pairs against Nuno Barradas who hits bottom pair.

"It's unbelievable," says Wass, who has played in this event three of the first four years.  "I was just happy to make the final table, but to actually win it and get entry into the WPT event, I'm stunned beyond belief"

Wass says he'll need to postpone his vacation plans for September because he'll be playing in the televised WPT Borgata Poker Open Championship event (Sept 16-20).

2nd Place - Barradas

Nuno Barradas (Faro, Portugal) 

Barradas can't close the deal after starting heads up play with a 2.5 to 1 chip advantage over Bob Wass.  

Barradas is crippled when he hit trips on the river, but it gave Wass a full house.  He's out in second place a few hands later.

"I wish I could have won it," says Barradas who is originally from Portugal, but plays at Borgata whenever he visits friends in Newark, NJ.  "I mean this is a great event, I would've been so close to accomplishing one of my poker dreams.

"This was my first charity event. Everyone should do something like this for those people who need help. It was great and I'd do it again."

The tournament helped raise $5,760 for the FoodBank of New Jersey, South Branch.  In addition to that money many players donated additional monies from their winnings.

Full Boat Sinks Barradas

  Wass (second from left) & Barradas (right) 
Have Drawn a Crowd

A pivotal hand gives Bob Wass (Wayside, NJ) a commanding chip lead over Nuno Barradas (Faro, Portugal).

On a board of 4 7 5♣ Q♣ 4♠ Barradas checks the river.

Wass bets 200k
Barradas raises to 600k
Wass moves all in for 925k total
Barradas calls

Wass: 5 5 (full house)
Barradas A 4♣ (trip 4s)

The river 4♠ is a terrible card for Barradas whose trip 4s gives Wass a full house after flopping a set of 5s.

Wass now has 2.2 million of the 2.4 million chips in play.  He began heads up play as 2.5 to 1 underdog.

3rd Place - Davidov

Adir Davidov (Queens, NY)

4th Place - Azizoghli

Payman Azizoghli (Summit, NJ) 

5th Place - Diamond

Lyle Diamond (Brick, NJ) 

6th Place - Mock

Allen Mock (Manheim, PA) 

7th Place - Zaccardi

Michael Zaccardi (West Long Branch, NJ)

8th Place - Rovner

 Dan Rovner (Freehold, NJ)

9th Place - Meals

Kevin Meals (Bridgeway, PA)

Bubble Boy - Castelli

Tony Castelli (Brooklyn, NY)

Unfortunately Tony Castelli is the first player out at the final table and just misses the money with his 10th place finish.  Castelli leaves with nothing more than a great experience and the taste of some Cabot cheese.

Players Take Center Stage in the Board Room

Donation Check

With each player donating $60 to the Community FoodBank of New Jersey, Southern Branch, today's event raised $5,760.

The FoodBank thanks all the players for participating in the event.  There are also special thanks to Cabot for sponsoring the tournament and to Borgata for hosting it.

The final table is underway in the Board Room.

Final Table

Cabot's Top 10

The final 10 players have been moved to the Borgata Board Room in the back of the Poker Room.

We're now officially on the bubble as the top nine players cash, and 10th place is the bubble boy.

Payman Azizoghli is the big stack with 550k (46 BB), while Kevin Meals is the short stack with 25k (2 BB).

The average stack is 240k (20 BB), as blinds are 6k/12k with a 2k ante.


1 Kevin Meals (Bridgeway, PA)
2 Bob Wass (Wayside, NJ)
3 Lyle Diamond (Brick, NJ)
4 Allen Mock (Manheim, PA)
5 Adir Davidov (Queens, NY)
6 Tony Castelli (Brooklyn, NY)
7 Michael Zaccardi (West Long Branch, NJ)
8 Nuno Barradas (Faro, Portugal)
9 Dan Rovner (Freehold, NJ)
10 Payman Azizoghli (Summit, NJ)

Last Lady Standing

Anderson is Shone the Window

Terry Anderson (Laurence Harbor, NJ), the last woman standing, is out in 14th place.

13 players remain, three spots from the final table, two from the money.

500k = Chip Leader

Don't Mock Me

Allen Mock (Manheim, PA) extends his chip lead and is the first player with more than half-a-million chips.

Mock's pocket 10s holds against AQ and he eliminates a player in 16th place as we're now 7 spots from the money.

Final Two Tables

Table Two

Twenty players remain on the final two tables, but only nine players will cash.  

Top prize is $6,518 plus a $3,500 seat into the WPT Borgata Poker Open Championship event in September.

Bye-Bye Borgata Regulars

Defending champion Joe Ernst (Oakhurst, NJ) won't be going back-to-back in this event as he's on the rail.

Other Borgata regulars who have also been eliminated include:

Paul Spitzberg (Tenafly, NJ)

Matt McElwee (Catonsville, MD)

David Heck (Colts Neck, NJ)

Frank Reina (Elizabeth, NJ) & Joe Grodowski (Staten Island, NY)

Even though Grodowski was only a railbird, we give him a shout out as a loyal Borgata player!

Fond Farewell

Unfortunately a few friends of Cabot and the FoodBank of New Jersey are no longer in the field.

A look at some recent departures as 25 players remain, with the top 9 making the money.

Roberta MacDonald, Cabot Senior Vice President of Marketing

Jon Praet, Cabot Writer

Bernard Lee, Cabot Spokesperson

Mark Barham, Friend of the FoodBank of New Jersey

Justin Byrd, Friend of the FoodBank of New Jersey

One Defending Champ

Ernst Earning Chips

Defending champion John Ernst (Oakhurst, NJ) is back looking for another payday after winning nearly $20,000 in this event last year.

In addition to the top prize, Ernst won entry into the WPT Borgata Poker Open Championship event. Despite not cashing in the televised tournament, Ernst would love another free roll entry into September's field.